#NaturalBornHealers is an exclusive series of tips developed to give you a set of natural options to cure urban problems like pollution, immunity and sleep. Commercial cleaning products including personal care ones are unhealthy containing toxic and carcinogenic ingredients apart from coming in wasteful plastic containers. So swap those toxic cleaners causing more problems than killing germs and switch to natural cleaners that clean green and healthy!

HOMEMADE NON-TOXIC CLEANING SOLUTION BY A GLOBAL CITIZEN Follow this global citizen’s tips to make a perfect cleaning solution here 
NON-TOXIC HOME-CLEANING BRAND BY A MOMTREPRENEUR Sacha Dunn starts a chemical-free brand with refillable packaging here
PROVEN HEALTH BENEFITS OF HONEY BY DIETICIAN JACKY MILLER as he outlines 16 health benefits of honey here


#NaturalBornHealers for strong immune system

HERBAL INFUSIONS BY LE BENEFIQUE Not your ordinary teas, Le Benefique teas come with the whole stem to give maximum benefit here
NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS BY FRENCH BRAND Ginseng Rouge is the perfect option for boosting your immunity. Get it at a discount here
MAGICAL INFUSIONS FROM THE MOUNTAINS Ines Leonarduzzi tells us about curative qualities of herbs from the French Alps here


#NaturalBornHealers for better sleep

SUPERFOODS FOR URBANITES BY KEILI Chef Caleigh Megless of Haute Couture catering KEILI from Paris tells us which superfoods are best suited for our urban lifestyles here
COMPLETE HOME PLANT GUIDE BY AIRY Airy plant pots help plants clean 75% more toxins from air-get their plant guide here
NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS BY RUE DES PLANTES Made in France, natural supplements brand Rue Des Plantes makes organic solutions for our daily urban problems here