The UrbanMeisters community has rapidly grown this year and we’ve come in contact with passionate and innovative green influencers from all around the world. These inspiring people make us believe that a sustainable lifestyle is definitely attainable and even has tremendous benefits for us! As is our year end tradition, we bring to you UrbanMeisters of the Year – that’s right- it’s not one greenie this year but 7 inspiring individuals who have brought life into various different aspects of sustainability through their actions and convictions. Presenting the UrbanMeisters of 2017- inspiring us everyday & reminding us that #GreeningIsWinning


Green influencer Elin
Elin from Filippa K shows how circular economy can work seamlessly in a fashion brand here 
Making green art fashionable is sustainable printmaker Holly E. Brown using only discarded or donated denims here
Green Influencer Jonne
His award winning packaging innovation start-up RePack is an outstanding model of Circular economy here


Green Influencer Jean Frier
Eminent guest writer Jean-François Frier tells us how renewable energy from oceans is the future here 
Green Influencer Cheri
Founder of StrawSleeves- re-usable straws holder, Cheri Newcomb started this to stop use of plastic straws here 
Green Influencer Orange
 Enrica Arena founded Orange Fiber making innovative sustainable material out of orange waste here 


Green Influencer Nicki
milo+nicki founder just launched her second line- vacation capsule collection made out of bananas here